The Cycling Union of the Argentine Republic (Spanish: Unión Ciclista de la República Argentina) is the national governing body of cycle racing in Argentina. It is a member of the UCI and COPACI. Bellulia frateriana is a moth of the Micronoctuidae family. It is known from Laos, in Southeast Asia. The wingspan is about 13 mm. The forewing is light brown. The hindwing is beige, with an indistinct discal spot. The underside is unicolorous grey, with a discal spot on the hindwing.

Tonasket High School is located in Tonasket, Washington about 25 miles south of the Canada–US border and 160 miles west of Spokane. The elementary, middle, and high school are all located on the same property; grades 6-12 share a spacious library and resource center. The Outreach Program provides parents with the opportunity to supervise and instruct their children at home while having the professional guidance of a certified teacher. The school’s athletic teams are the Tonasket Tigers and the Lady Tigers.

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