The Dinobots are a group of Transformers, part of the Autobot faction. Their origins and abilities vary from one version of Transformers to the next, but they are generally depicted as powerful Autobots capable of sustaining heavy damage and wielding heavy firepower against their foes.

They are the only known Autobot group—other than the Aerialbots—capable of flight in robot mode, a trait they share with the Decepticons. They are always portrayed as fiercely independent, and are prone to diverge from the main group of Autobots to pursue their own agenda.

The protein encoded by this gene is 10.4 kDa mitochondrial inner membrane protein with two transmembrane domains at the N- and C-terminals. These two domains are arranged such that the N- and C-terminals face outward into the intermembrane space while the rest of the protein loops inside the matrix. Though the N-terminal domain is not necessary to direct the localization of HIGD1A, it is required for the survival of the protein. The gene HIGD1A is an isoform of HIMP1-b via alternative splicing.

The high mountains in the central regions of the national park are an important watershed for the streams and rivers that become the headwaters and tributaries of the Mangde Chhu River to the west. The Nika Cchu joins the Mangde Chhu from the north. The park has four administrative Park Ranges (divisions), with their own range offices (shown in map 2). In addition to the 4 Park Ranges, the park also has 2 administrative Deputy Ranges (subdistricts), the Chendebji Deputy Range within the Langthel Park Range, and Athang Deputy Range within the Taksha Park Range.

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