Michael Hordy (born October 10, 1956 in Thunder Bay, Ontario) is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey player who played eleven games in the National Hockey League for the New York Islanders. Velocity1 is the first FTTH Network Service launched by Quintain in February 2009. It covers the area of Wembley Park in London, UK. It offers Digital TV, Broadband, and Telephone Services across a FTTH. Its Digital TV also offers over 120 Channels including HD Channels, its Broadband offers 1000MB per second (fastest speed and broadband in the UK), PVR, VOIP and High-Speed Fibre optic Cables.

Every home of the development project Wembley City is pre-wired with Velocity1. Velocity1 was acquired by Magnet Networks in 2012. For updates please refer to http://www.velocity1.co.uk/ Hermann Schomberg (22 August 1907 – 16 November 1975) was a German film and television actor. Visvaldis (Latin: Vissewalde rex de Gerzika, Russian: Всеволод) was a Latgalian nobleman, Duke of the Principality of Jersika in the 12th-13th centuries. In the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia, he is called king (rex).

Visvaldis’s date of birth is unknown. His origins, too, are unclear: some scholars think that he was a son of Boriss Davidovic, Duke of the Principality of Polotsk and a Latgalian mother. The first written record of him dates from 1203 and tells of how he, together with the Lithuanians attacked the newly established city of Riga. Although he was a vassal of Principality of Polotsk, he was married to a daughter of the Lithuanian duke Daugerutis and thus became also Lithuania’s ally.

In 1209, Bishop Albert of Riga led German crusaders and the allied Livonian army against the Principality of Jersika. They did not meet significant resistance and plundered Visvaldis’s capital, the Jersika hillfort, taking his wife prisoner. Visvaldis, however, managed to escape but he was forced to surrender and became a vassal of Albert of Riga. He was forced to submit his kingdom to Albert as a gift to the Bishopric of Riga, and received only a portion of it as a fiefdom.

Alejandro Gándara (born 1957) is a Spanish writer. Born in Santander, Cantabria, Gandara studied political science and sociology at Complutense University in Madrid, where he also now teaches. He won the Premio Ignacio Aldecoa for short stories in 1979, and published his first novel La media distancia in 1984. He has published more than a dozen volumes of fiction and non-fiction, and his work has been translated into English, German and Italian among other languages.

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