A species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae

Freddie Beauregard, professionally known by his stage name Paradime, is an American rapper and producer from Detroit, Michigan

Sympagus laetabilis is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Bates in 1872. Freddie Beauregard, professionally known by his stage name Paradime, is an American rapper and producer from Detroit, Michigan. He is a back-up vocalist, turnlablist and touring member for Kid Rock and Twisted Brown Trucker Band. He’s a Northwood University Detroit Catholic Central alumni. His first appearance was on the Detroit hip-hop scene in 1991 in the form of a solo album, which sold only a few hundred copies.

In 1996 he formed his own independent record label, Beats At Will, and released his debut LP Paragraphs in 1999, which was named the best selling Detroit hip-hop album of ’99-’00 by Real Detroit Magazine. He followed up in 2001 with his sophomore record, Vices, which is considered by many to be a Detroit hip-hop classic. It earned Paradime numerous awards and nominations at the Detroit Hip-Hop awards. His most critically acclaimed third full-length LP is 11 Steps Down was dropped in 2004.

Louis Lécuyer was the first mayor of Messines, Quebec. He served as Mayor of Messines from 1921–1923, 1926–1927 and 1935–1937. Jacso Entertainment was formed in 2010 as joint venture of eSun Holdings (SEHK: 571). Celia Sie was the founder of Jacso Entertainment. The core businesses of Jacso are media, entertainment, artist management, production and distribution, and online marketing. After graduating from The University of Hong Kong, Celia Sie started her entertainment career as program host in the Metro Broadcast from 1997 to 2000.

Jacso Blog was founded by Jacso Group in 2009 as social publishing platform, it was one of the top 3 blog service provider in Hong Kong and Entertainment owns 12 exclusive Hong Kong artistes. In early 2011, Jacso Entertainment managed a number of Exclusive Artistes includes Dada Chan, Iris Chung, Monna Lam, Celia Kwok, Meimei Tsang, Asa Kwan, Ayu Wong, Diva Hui, Kaylie Kan, Bella Lo, Bambi Leung, Liz Li, and Moonie Lau from Hong Kong where Moka Fang and Una Wu are based in Shanghai, China.

Jacso Artistes Management was formed in 2012 as a joint venture of eSun Holdings (SEHK: 571). The Group’s principal activities include Hong Kong film production and distribution; organization,management, and production of concerts, live performances and fans meetings; production and distribution of Korean movie and variety shows; cinema investment and operation; provision of consultancy services in planning and management of cultural, entertainment and live performance projects; provision of contents to new media and operation of new media and related businesses.

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On 12 November 1590 Queen Elizabeth I of England granted a pardon (No. 5489) to James O Doylan, of Ownygalleise, horsekeeper for fighting against the Queen’s forces.


In 1775, Trouard entrusted him with the interior decoration of the Hôtel d’Aumont he was building in Place de la Concorde.


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